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Assorted Stuff (Giveaways! CM! Tea! Cute little birds!—OHMYGOSHTHEWEEPINGANGELS)

—So, that strange academic child of Elektra, Hamlet and the Grimm brothers (you know, through science) known as "Cuddle Monsters" has officially reached 30k. It's fun. It's still something of a secret. And kind of...unstable. Like some of the characters are. BUT FUN. 

—I attempted to make milk tea by steeping teabags in hot milk with sugar and cinnamon. Since I have a habit of scalding milk, this made me nervous. However, I am happy to report that it was a delicious (and weird, but mostly delicious) combination of flavours. 

—I am very easily distracted by birds. Any kind of bird, actually—even vultures are funny, when you pay attention to them. Hawks are lovely and majestic, meadowlarks have the best song ever, and there is nothing cuter in the animal kingdom than seeing a tiny sparrow taking a bath. NOTHING, I TELL YOU. (Except for kittens. And red pandas. And velociraptors.)

—In other news, my favorite animal changes very easily. 

—In honor of the six-months-'til-THE ARCHIVED, Victoria Schwab is giving away six awesome ARCs, and they ALL look incredible. Unfortunately, THE ARCHIVED is not actually one of them...which makes me sad, because I like stuff involving the dead stacked like books and whatnot. However, I'm trying not to be too heartbroken at the six-month wait ahead of me. *pats TBR stack*

(random: Tony Stark had an arc reactor, so can I have an ARC reactor? It can be powered by the written word. If knowledge is power, then can I take over the world after grad school?)

—I've been staring at pictures of England lately, and thinking about how lovely it would be to write stories there while studying Classics at Oxford or Cambridge. It would be heavenly. *deep sigh* It is kind of funny, though, that while antiquity is full of good stories, I've never written anything that can be connected to the classical world in a concrete way. I think it's because I'm too close to it—it's fascinating and exciting and wonderful, of course, but I'm connected to it in such an academic way that I can't approach it just for love of story. Since I'm not really tied to fairy-tales and Germanic mythology in the same way, it's easier for me to use that as a springboard for ideas. At least, that's my theory. 

—I'm trying to come up with something new and interesting to post that people will actually, y'know, read, but thus far I'm failing. I might take to writing flash fiction in which famous characters from literature get devoured by velociraptors, and see if anyone notices. If anyone has any ideas of interesting subjects, PLEASE FOR GOODNESS' SAKE let me know, else the Angst Monster might take over and post a whole bunch of pictures of depressing, scary, and otherwise sundry things. 

And, on that note, here's an Angel. 

Do. Not. Blink. 
I want to make statues that look like Weeping Angels and stick them in my front yard, and then move them a tiny bit day by day. It would be hilarious. And potentially cruel, of course, but mostly hilarious.
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