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Do you want to be archived?

In Victoria Schwab's gorgeous new book The Archived, Mackenzie Bishop hunts down the escaped Histories of the dead in her role as a Keeper of the Archive. In the Archive, Mac is surrounded by the catalogued dead—every detail of their lives captured and stored within its walls.

And in my new project, nicknamed Archive Assemble on Twitter, we can do something similar.

Not with our memories, of course, but with our names.

I have two copies of The Archived. One is mine, and the other—I hope—is not just mine, but yours as well.

The plan is simple. One person takes the book, writes their name, location, and the date they read/received it inside (if you already own a copy, which I highlyhighlyhighly recommend, then you can still sign up—it's a traveling book, after all!), and then sends it on to the next person on a master list. The goal is to functionally transform the inner pages of The Archived into a kind of archive in its own right—one recording the path that book traveled to reach a set of readers. Perhaps its pages can't soak up the memories and experiences of the readers, but names? We can do that.

The only "catch" is that you have to be comfortable sending me your addresses, so that I can forward them on to whoever is in queue before you. None of your information will ever be used for any purposes other than this project, so you don't have to worry about security.

If you would like to join me, then send an email to me at nirnaeth7 @ gmail.com with the subject line "I want to be archived" or something to that effect. I hope you will. :)

Additionally, in honor of The Archived, I'm giving away five signed bookmarks! Only requirement is that you tell someone—a bookseller, a friend, a librarian—about TA. You don't need to record your conversation in a creepy way or anything—I'll take your word for it. Enter here!

5 Archived bookmarks
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