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A Long-Expected Blog

Well. Um. It HAS been a while, hasn't it?

In essence, what happened was this: I realized that I am a full-time student, and although I DID manage to finish a very short, skimpy WIP which is now in the loving hands of my CP, that meant that my priorities lay with my academic work...including study abroad issues, lots of paperwork, passports, thesis issues and applications for funding. In short, lots of paperwork, little time for writing, let alone blogging...yes, my friends, I fail. I fail spectacularly.

But I am currently on spring break, and this means that I have a wee bit of time to update Das Blog. Granted, it also means that I have time to work on filing papers 120492349a through 15909302c, but still.

In addition to finishing the very, very messy first draft of BB and preparing to draft my thesis prospectus, I was accepted into an incredible program a few weeks ago that will take me to Rome—yes, the eternal city and all that—for almost two months this summer. I'm very eager to attend, of course, but alas—several conference submissions, a thesis prospectus, a mile-high stack of papers and final exams stand in my way. Soon, my pretties. Soon.

This means, though, that I will be chronicling my escapades in Rome here—on the blog. You will, no doubt, receive copious pictures of various Roman artifacts, along with me posing rather irreverently alongside. Via the blog, I shall stay connected to the rest of the world, rather than being sucked wholly into the distant past.

I anticipate an awful lot of running.

In the meanwhile, however, I'm going to attempt to keep blogging about various and sundry things that might be of mild interest. I'm still gathering participants for my ARCHIVED project, so if you're interested, see the post right below and drop me a line.

But, before I plunge back into my academic duties, I'd love to hear from you, dear readers—is there anything specific you'd like a post on? It can be anything, really. You can tell me to pick something from my WIPs with which to embarrass myself, or you can ask for pictures about how on earth am I going to pack for two months in a carry-on, or you can request that I blog about that time I met Jack the Ripper and singlehandedly saved the country from a set of bread-wielding terrorists*.

Or I could simply post Doctor Who clips. That's always an option.

*Veracity not guaranteed.
Tags: blood brothers, languages, philology, rome, the archived

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