rachelatarms (rachelatarms) wrote,

THE UNBOUND by Victoria Schwab

Well, guys, we're a few months away from the release of THE UNBOUND (the undoubtedly amazing sequel to The Archived), and to celebrate, the first 100 pages are up on NetGalley! So head over and click "download"—you won't regret it. ;)

Not only that, but—if 100 pages aren't enough to sate your hunger for MOAR VICTORIA SCHWAB BOOKS—Victoria and Disney*Hyperion are currently running not one, but THREE giveaways for Magical Devices that give full access to an E-ARC of THE UNBOUND. (You know you want it.)

So, how do you win one of these fantastic devices? Spread the word. For full details, take a hop over to Victoria's blog, and remember that nothing is lost. 
Tags: books, the archived, the unbound, victoria schwab

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