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Ode to the Lost Ones

All things considered, that's a REALLY grim subject line. This, however, is not a grim post. It is, in fact, silly and frivolous, so if you dislike silly and frivolous things...why are you reading this blog? (...wait, don't leave...) Anyway, I decided to resist the temptation to post lots of pictures oflittle grey kitties, and instead am going to post about something that I love that has now escaped my grasp forever. FOREVER, I tell you!

Once upon a time, there was a store. Let's call it...Bath and Body Works. Just on a whim, y'know, without any real basis in fact. Let's say that this store specialized in lotions and soaps and fragrances of lovely-smelling natures. One day, a girl...what should we call her? I know--let's call her Rachel. Anyway, one day Rachel strolled into Bath and Body Works without any real aim. Lo and behold, there was a sale going on! Well, Rachel liked sales, so she started looking in one of the bins that had a bright red 75% printed over it. Soon she came to a very pretty pink bottle that looked an awful lot like this:

It was called Blushing Cherry Blossom, she noticed as she saw the silvery letters printed on the front. She popped off the cap to see if she could catch a whiff of the fragrance...and was greeted with the pungent but sweet scent of an entire rose-garden condensed to one bottle. The beauty of that fragrance cannot be quite captured in words--but suffice it to say that there were at least two kinds of roses, violets, sandalwood and musk in the perfume...the kind of perfume that makes you just want to keep spraying it again and again so that you can keep smelling it for a very, very long time...mm...

Sorry. Where was I?

Right. AHEM.

So she bought the wonderful fragrance, and used it copiously over the next month or so. When she returned to buy a lotion in it as well...

...she was promptly informed that it was, in fact, discontinued.

After mourning the loss of the first fragrance she had found that had roses in it, she decided to ration her old bottle and search for a new, similar one. She found one that was different, but still rosy (by which I mean smelling akin to a rose) enough that she liked it as well.

Several months pass.

She got onto Facebook one morning and was greeted with the news that Bath and Body Works planned to discontinue certain fragrances. Her stomach began to sink as she clicked on it...

...indeed, P.S. I Love You was the next rose-based fragrance on the chopping block.

Poor Rachel soon found that there was a great conspiracy to discontinue every single fragrance that she loved...or at least she felt like it. The moral of the story, kids, is to not get too attached to fragrances, even if they do smell wonderfully like an entire rose-bush sitting in a bottle--and should your fragrance be discontinued, you must accept it gracefully and not do the amount of moaning that our (entirely fictional character) Rachel did. (Of course, you can also buy an extra bottle of the stuff that's being discontinued and then keep it tucked away for very special occasions, like Wednesdays and just after finals, but I digress.)

But if they discontinue Moonlight Path, I'm suing.
Tags: bath and body works, humor

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