rachelatarms (rachelatarms) wrote,

How being an undergrad is like being in a fantasy novel

—You are an unassuming young person who is snatched unwillingly from the comforts of home and forced into a strange new land. 
—You have a small group of loyal friends who accompany you on your journey. 
—The hopes and expectations of many rest upon your shoulders. 
—You go through long periods of cold, hunger, poverty, and sleep deprivation. 
—You carry a very heavy bag of stuff that pulls you down with every step. 
—You routinely rely on arcane knowledge in order to survive the next test. 
—Your ultimate fate lies in the hands of powerful and often unseen elders. 
—You have wise mentors who speak cryptically in order to assist you. 
—You frequently have to go on quests, seeking the aid of a distant helper, only to find that you must journey yet again to an even more distant locale. In such cases, you often carry some form of magical artifact, such as the Pink Slip of Power or the Mythical Request for Transcript.
—In the midst of all your trials, you turn to the small comforts that remind you of home—in other words, tea. 
—There are occasionally menacing figures who boom, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS."
—When you are finally done, and have achieved your goal, you are left in a stunned stupor—wondering how life can ever go back to the way it was, and what on earth you're going to do now. 
—After reflecting on your experiences, you decide to write a book about it. With some creative changes, of course. 
Tags: books, humor, university

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