rachelatarms (rachelatarms) wrote,

How to Write a Blog Post

1. Wake up in the morning. Make coffee. Dump chocolate into coffee. Drink chocolate-coffee concoction. 
2. Open page to livejournal. Stare at blank screen. 
3. Stare at blank screen some more. Open up Microsoft Word. Stare at that blank screen instead. 
4. Go for a walk. 
5. Come back. Stare at blank screen. 
6. Check Facebook. Leave when you start to get a nagging sense of betrayal. 
7. Type subject line of blog post. Stare at empty text box some more. 
8. Make tea. Wait while tea steeps. 
9. Type a paragraph. 
10. Pour tea, and begin drinking it. 
11. Do Google searches on things that may very well put you into the FBI watch list...in the name of research. 
12. Write half a paragraph summarizing Shiny New Idea. Delete it. 
13. Write another paragraph on blog. 
14. Delete draft on blog. 
15. Get called to save the world from an imminent invasion. 
16. Sit back down. 
17. Write list on how to write a blog post.
Tags: humor

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